FAQ - Partner Agency Teams

  1. How does a Freestore Foodbank partner agency participate in the Hunger Walk & 5K Run?
    Go to cincinnatihungerwalk.org  - follow instructions to form a team.  NOTE: Team Captain will need to register and pay registration fee online by credit card.  The Team Captain’s registration fee and other participant registration fees, (including T-shirts fee) will be applied to partner agency Freestore Foodbank account as credits at the conclusion of the event.

  2. How does the Freestore Foodbank know to apply credits to my agency?
    When the agency Team Captain registers your team the name of your agency must be included in the team name.  Team Captain and agency Hunger Walk supporters need to instruct participants and donors to select your agency from the Hunger Walk & 5K Run website to ensure that your agency receives credit.   For hard copy registration forms you’ll need to pre-print your agency name before making copies and distributing to ensure your agency receives credit.  

  3. How do partner agencies claim the account credits earned from the Hunger Walk & 5K Run?
    At the conclusion of the Hunger Walk & 5K Run, funds raised from participants and donors on behalf of your team will be totaled and moved into the account of your agency. Partner agencies will receive an account credit on the Freestore Foodbank monthly statement in June and July noted as Hunger Walk account credit. 

  4. Is it safe to register or make donations for the Hunger Walk & 5K Run online?
    Registration pages are secured through Blackbaud, Inc.  We use the same system for all of our online donations and events throughout the year.

  5. I’m participating in the Hunger Walk & 5K Run to support my agency.  Does registering or providing a donation mean I’ll be placed on a Freestore Foodbank mailing list?
    Only if you want to be?  When you are registering or making a donation, you will see a box that you can “uncheck” if you do not wish to be placed on the Freestore Foodbank communications list.  Please keep in mind that if you choose to not be on this list, you will not receive any communication from the Freestore Foodbank, not even about the Hunger Walk & 5K Run.  So, you will need to be sure to check the website regularly in case there are important announcements or changes.

  6. If someone registers for the Hunger Walk & 5K Run, does that mean they have to commute to Cincinnati on the day of the event?
    While we would like for as many people as possible to attend the Hunger Walk & 5K Run, just because you register doesn’t mean you have to walk or run at the event!  So, if you’re a rural agency, or have supporters who cannot physically commute to Cincinnati or cannot participate in the Hunger Walk, they can still support your agency by registering or simply making a donation to your team.  Your agency will still receive account credits for registrations made on behalf of your agency and do not have to be at Yeatman’s Cove on the day of the event.

  7. How do people donate to my team or agency?
    There are two options to donate and register for the Hunger Walk & 5K Run.
    Online at cincinnatihungerwalk.org and select the agency team where donation is to be applied.

    Complete a hard copy form and mail with payment to:
    Freestore Foodbank
    Hunger Walk & 5K Run
    1141 Central Parkway
    Cincinnati, OH  45202

    To ensure that your agency receives credit, remember to pre-print name of your organization on the hard copy form before printing &distributing.  Be sure to the agency name is included in the team name. For liability purposes, a waiver must be signed and include an emergency contact and their phone number.

  8. Can I donate to a team after the event concludes?
    Yes.  The Hunger Walk & 5K Run website cincinnatihungerwalk.org will remain open for donations following the Hunger Walk & 5K Run through June 30, 2015. 

  9. What happens to the Hunger Walk & 5K Run funds that are not designated to an agency?
    Undesignated funds received from the Hunger Walk & 5K Run will be earmarked for upcoming partner agency grant opportunities.  Freestore Foodbank partner agencies that are emergency food providers will be eligible to apply. 

  10. My entire family will participate in the Hunger Walk & 5K Run. Can I mail a single check to pay for my family?
    Yes. You can mail a single check for the entire group.  To ensure the safety of everyone who participates in the Hunger Walk & 5K Run each person must fill out their own registration form, making sure to sign the waiver portion and provide an emergency contact name and phone number.  Attach the hard copy registration forms with the single check and mail to:

    Freestore Foodbank
    Hunger Walk & 5K Run
    1141 Central Parkway
    Cincinnati, OH  45202.

  11. How long does it take to get my registration or donation posted to the website when I send by mail? 
    When mailing registration or donation, allow for at least 5-7 business days to be posted on the Hunger Walk & 5K Run website.  Please remember to indicate on the registration form the agency team you are supporting.

  12. I registered for the Hunger Walk & 5K Run.  Now what?
    Start stretching and encourage others to join you or make a donation. Packet pick-up is scheduled for Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 29th from 12noon-4 P.M., at the Freestore Foodbank Distribution Center at 1250 Tennessee Avenue. If you cannot pick up your packet in advance it will be available the day of the event as early as 7am at The Banks.  

  13. Can I pick-up other people’s packet?
    Yes.  Be sure to tell them you are picking it up.

  14. I created a team for my agency.  What do I do on the day of the Hunger Walk & 5K Run?
    Come to The Banks on May 30th! The Hunger Walk & 5K Run STARTS at 9:00 A.M. Freestore Foodbank staff will be on-site at 7 A.M. Be sure to get there early to meet up with your team members and supporters.  

  15. Can I register the day of the event?
    Yes.  Same day registration will be available at 7 A.M.   

  16. Will I be able to purchase a T-shirt the day of the Hunger Walk & 5K Run?
    If T-shirts are still available you will be able to purchase at the conclusion of the event at a designated booth.

  17. Where is parking the day of the event?
    Parking is available on the street or at the parking garage at The Banks.

  18. Are strollers allowed?
    Yes. The race encourages families to enjoy the event together.

  19. Do children or children in strollers need to register?
    Yes. For safety and liability purposes children and children in strollers will need to register.
  20. Can I bring my dog?
    Yes.  Please be respectful of runners and walkers recording their race times and plan to begin towards the rear of the crowd. 

  21. What is not allowed on the race course?
    Bicycles, Wagons, Rollerblades, Unregistered runners/walkers, Skateboards, Hand cycles.

  22. Where is the starting point?
    The starting point will be at The Banks. Remember the Hunger Walk & 5K Run will start promptly at 9am.

  23. Will there be a designated starting point for runners?
    The starting point will be at The Banks. Remember the Hunger Walk & 5K Run will start promptly at 9am.

  24. A 5K is equal to how many miles?
    A 5K is equal to 3.1 miles.  Participants can run, walk, skip or stroll through the course.  What’s most important is that all participants have fun and enjoy the event.
  25. Will I receive a timing chip?
    Yes.  A timing chip is attached to the Hunger Walk & 5K Run bib that you receive with your packet or at same day registration.  This timing chip allows you to be timed from the moment you cross the start line, to the moment you cross the finish line to provide you with the timing of your 5K. Times will be posted following the event at cincinnatihungerwalk.org.

  26. Where can I check my personal belongings while I am on the course?
    We recommend that you keep personal belongings at home or locked in your vehicle where they cannot be seen, or ask someone you know to hold for you.

  27. Will there be restrooms available?
    Yes.  Restrooms will be available.

  28. Who do I reach out to if I need assistance on the course?
    If you need assistance, please reach out to one of the volunteers located throughout the course and they will contact First Aid.

  29. Will the event be cancelled due to bad weather?
    No. The Hunger Walk & 5K Run has been held in all kinds of weather.  Please remember to dress accordingly.

  30. When I finish the Hunger Walk & 5K Run will there be food and drinks available?
    Yes.  The Freestore Foodbank has secured numerous sponsors that generously provide a wide variety of refreshments, including live entertainment!

  31. Where can I get additional questions I might have answered?
    Please email your questions to hungerwalk@freestorefoodbank.org or call 513-482-3663. A Hunger Walk & 5K Run representative will reply to your message.